Active recreation in Vác

By walk in the nature :

  • Walk in the „Ártéri” educational path
  • Walk in the park, around the lake
  • Short walk ont he riverbank corso
  • Walk through the „Mária way” which crosees the town

Opportunities with bicylcle:

  • The EUROVELO 6 international bicycle way crosses the city
  • Danube bend with bicycle (30 km from Vác) : Verőce, Kismaros, Nagymaros, Zebegény, Szob (along the EUROVELO 6)
  • By bicycle to Királyrét (20 km from Vác) Verőce, Kismaros, Börzsönyliget, Királyrét
  • By bicycle to Budapest (to Római Part, 30 km from Vác) : Sződliget, Göd, Dunakeszi, Megyeri Híd, Budapest Római Part
  • By bicycle to Szentendre (15 km from Vác) : By ferry till Tahitótfalu then Tahi Híd, Leányfalu, Szentendre. Or another option : (35 km from Vác) : Sződliget, Göd, Dunakeszi, Megyeri Híd, Budakalász, Szentendre
  • By bicycle to Visegrád (17 km from Vác) : Verőce, Kismaros, Nagymaros then take the ferry to Visegrád. Alternative way  (also 17 km from Vác) : Ferry to Tahitótfalu, then Tahi Híd, Dunabogdány, Visegrád

Dragon boat on the Danube,

Kayak, canoe on the Danube

Cruiseships to Visegrád and Esztergom

Water activities, swimming : on the beach, in the local swimming pool

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